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In the era of one-armed bandits in a real casino there was no such opportunity, but now everyone who has access to the internet can join the huge club of fans of slot machines. Craps is a casino game of dice, but not a classical throwing out of bones, as in the game of dice 1000. Everything is much more interesting here, because for the casino game you need a special table with high sides and special markings. In order to start the game, you need to select a chip with a certain value and make a bet. Next you need to place the chips on the table cells. They can also be removed if you want to change something. To do this, there is a button remove bids.after bets are made, you can start the casino game and click on roll the dice. The casino game has begun. There is also an automatic casino game where the bones are thrown out every 8 seconds. The results of the last 5 throws appear in the table on the left of the screen. In the lower left corner there is an enlarged part of the table where you can see directly how the bones roll.

The stakes are divided into those that can be made before the casino game, others only after the first round roll if in the first round the sum is 2, 3, 7, 11, 12, the round is over. Those. The stakes were lost. The casino game begins again. If in the first round the sum is 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, then this means that the point is beaten, and the casino game continues. This situation is called point roll and the player who threw in this round continues to roll dice until point or 7 drops out. If 7 falls, the player loses and the turn goes to the next player. The most winning bet for the player here is raising to pass line odds, do not pass line odds, come odds, do not come odds. Combination of rates pass line, do not pass line, come, do not come and pass line odds, do not pass line odds, come odds, do not come odds - is most beneficial for the player. Game slot resident is created for all fans of casino games, secrets and saving beautiful girls. The game is developed by casino , which belongs to a host of large software companies for online casinos.

Here there are all the necessary elements of a quality CasinoPWR games beautiful graphics, sound corresponding to each round of the game, a variety of prize games and a good win in the event of a successful fallout of the necessary combinations. The mechanism of the game is as follows casino game drums and 9 casino . Before starting the game on the slot machine resident, you must make a bet. It does not matter whether the game is played for money or for free on chips, without a bet the game can not start. The bet is placed on any of the casino one, two or all nine lines. The bet on each line must be the same. If the player puts 10 cents on the second line and wants to play another 3, then he places 10 cents on each of them. For this, the buttons online casino gaming etc. The bet size is made using the button bet and max bet. Next, the "start" button to start the game. There is also an automatic casino game here.

The symbols of the casino game are a pistol, a gas mask, an order, safes, coins, etc. A wild symbol here is a fire extinguisher. It plays the role of a joker and can replace any other symbol in combination, but it is not the most profitable symbol. The most winning combination is 5 coins. The cost of each symbol is defined in the casino gaming, which can be found directly on the page with the game. The player will enjoy the bonus slot with interesting bonus rounds. The casino bonus game begins when a combination of 3 safe cards drops out on one of the casino gaming. Bonus game assumes guessing in which of the iron boxes are the gold ingots. If the player guessed, then the super casino game begins. Here you need to choose one of 2 doors: behind one door of wealth and the release of a beautiful girl, after another a loss. The doubling casino game will double the win if the player correctly guesses a card whose value is higher than that of the casino.

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